RS3 Hunter Script Please

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by U turn, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. The one by defeat3d doesn't support lower levels so one that starts from level one would be great
  2. I was thinking about creating one and releasing it in a beta, incomplete state where functionality is added over updates. Would this work in your opinion?
  3. I think this would work well. Users could tell you what they'd like changed as you go.
  4. yeah that would be great man its gonna be sick since all ur scripts bots r sexy <3
  5. Then I won't attempt it @SlashnHax

    Got no idea yet how to determine where to place traps so that they are near eachother ^^
  6. If someone can supply me with an RS3 account I can get on this today.
  7. Perhaps @U turn would be interested in that.
  8. What level hunter do you need on the test account? I might be able to supply.
  9. I have been supplied with a great account (97 Hunter). Already on it. :p
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