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  1. Heyo, this thread ties in with this Implemented - Environment.isSupporter()

    The only reason I ditched implementing any supporter only stuff is because it feels kinda meh for a user to get a bot that says "free" on the store to find out supporter only features inside.

    Is it possible to add another tier or some sort of tag to visually identify bots that have free+supporter features as "Hybrid" or "Freemium"?
    Some flag in metadata?

    Thanks bby(s).

    TLDR; add visual tag for hybrid bots in store but still treat them as free elsewhere.
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  2. If we had a smarter userbase, then I'd consider it. But given we don't, I'd have to say that this would be too much for them to handle.
  3. Throw something like "with extra features for Supporters!" in the description :p
  4. My initial concern was this:
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