I am in love!

Discussion in 'General' started by Sergio, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. I feel like me posting was necessary. I have to come out and say it after only being here for 4 days I have to shout it from the roof tops. I AM IN LOVE!! With this community and the commitment the script bot writers have to there followers. I can't say it enough all of you out there are making my botting experience exceptional and amazing.

    Well I also feel I should state that this is my first botting experience. I have looked at all other communities (Simba, RID, Tribot, Powerbot and others). But none of these other bots are comparable with RuneM8's dedication to its users and followers. Just in these few days I have found out more information then I could have imagined from any other bot. I feel more secure and comfortable using RuneM8 over using any pay per month or pay for script bot bot.

    This is mainly because of the mods and authors that are part of this community. From day one all of my questions and inquiries were promptly answered and fixed. Just from these experiences I want to be apart of this community and see it grow. I want to see how amazing we become (Yes I am including myself in the community) I want to see people coming here from other bots with there sob stories of getting banned with no where else to go. And building positive stories where they learned how to bot based on @EvilCabbage and his post on how to bot safely and learn how not to post and ask for help based on @rsgpplz . These are only a few things I learned from using this bot and being apart of this community.

    But before I extend this to another 5 pages I just want to close and restate how much I am in love with RuneM8. All of you out there working to make our runescape lives easier I salute you all and raise my beer to you!! (I'm not sure if I am posting this because I have been drinking or that I actually love RuneM8. But who cares!!!!!)

    TL;DR : As a first time botter this is my first love. And I will appreciate it no matter what!
  2. Runemate is love, runemate is life
  3. I'm glad you feel this way. I must say I'm quite happy with the group of awesome members we have.

    If you have any questions regarding anything then ask me :) I can't help with anything, but I surely can try or find you someone who knows.

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