I don't have the motivation to bot again

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Imfamouslab, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. Lost the motivation to bot again after I got banned.
    Any advice to how I can become motivated to do it again?
  2. Jagex bans accounts to demotivate botters. Don't get pressured by the man.

    Alternatively, start a bot and view the gains.
  3. i been demotivated from botting many times because i had 13 accounts banned from ip flag changed my ip started again 3 accounts got banned only have 3 bots running now, never give up
  4. Not the type of guy that can pick myself up easily. But thanks for the advice
  5. Goldfarming or just that simple 1 account botting?
  6. Botting in general
  7. Take a semi-break. Find a profitable goldfarming method. Start botting asap!
  8. Ironmen accounts are a great way to learn alot more about the game and yoiu really feell like you are advancing your acc no matter what your doing, highly rccomend
  9. go hard or go home :D
  10. Try having fun botting/training up all skills, say 10 levels each skill.

    This'll keep you busy and entertained, since it's not one thing over and over.
  11. I'm not motivated to bot because I have no real need for RuneScape, yet I keep doing it for some apparent reason.
  12. lol thats called an addiction ^^ seek help...
  13. Not counting the serious goldfarmers making bank, who really has a "need" for RuneScape?
  14. That's the thing though, I don't feel addicted at all and wouldn't mind losing my account either to botting. It's like the feeling of missing out on precious botting time I could be using when I'm not kind of shit.

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