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  1. ... if this is the right place to ask but
    I have an problem with the bots
    all that i´ve tested ar just doing nothing or only moving to the place of acting and then they doing nothing

    now my question : what im doing wrong??

    sorry for bad english ^^
  2. these are the bots i have tested
  3. You should really hide your RSN:p
  4. What happens when you run a script bot, does the GUI open? Can you actually run the bot?

    Also if you've just downloaded the bot, please allow it to download certain packages before it's able to run. Perhaps posting your gamepack ID might help @Cloud to help you fix the problem?

    You can find the gamepack ID when you start up RuneMate:

  5. RSN?
    what do you mean?

    bertrand as you know im stupid in these things :D
    could you make me a tutorial to amke this?

    sorry for bad english because my motherlanguage is german
  6. Runescape name...
  7. The picture you added shows your RuneScape name, perhaps you should remove it in order to not get caught for botting.

    The first thing you want to try is to just play RuneScape legit on the RuneMate client so it can download all it's necessary files. Don't start a bot right away, play for like 15 minutes without using a bot.

    If it still doesn't work after that, post your gamepack ID. As shown in my previous reply, you can get your ID when you start RuneMate.
  8. it seems to work correctly
    thanks for the quick answers :)
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