I, EvilCabbage, hereby resign as a staff member

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by EvilCabbage, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Just kidding. I will be gone for a little bit more than two weeks, though. Not allowed to bring a cellphone either, so I won't be available in any way for the next two weeks.

    Feel free to message me in the meantime, just don't expect quick replies. I should be back the 27th of August.
  2. I, Zasz, hereby accept EvilCabbage's position of Staff.

    Cya soon ^_^
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  4. Was thinking that it was a bit sudden for a staff member to be reigning at such a crucial time in RuneMate's development.
    But then again, it's EvilCabbage we're talking about :p

    Enjoy your 'cleanse' buddy
  5. Let the scamming begin!
  6. Quick EvilCabbage is gone start breaking the rules :p But take it easy man
  7. cya soon mate! =D
  8. You scared me you baffoon

    Enjoy the mini holiday
  9. defeat3d5mod
  10. Again?
  11. don't remember myself being mod
  12. u must be jk coz ur da best knoon dankerator xdd
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  13. doubling money pm me
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  14. srry i already have a goldgenerator.exe
  15. <--
  16. Sounds like cabbage is going to jail haha.
  17. Thank you all guys, I'm sure ill enjoy myself there haha. Don't misbehave too much; we still have other mods ;).
  18. I thought this shit is real until i read it. Fuck you cabbage
  19. I knew even before I clicked the link that you were trolling. Enjoy and see you back soon you little shit.

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