RS3 i got 48 horas ban

Discussion in 'RS3' started by douglasyc2, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Soo, i Was using velox abyss in the time the ban happened on a kinda botted account (only botted Pray 95 and rc 99 and simba for Hunter).maybe is Just simba caused this (Was days ago, dont know if jagex bans after short time like steam).
    After the ban expires is safe to bot again o r should i stop?
  2. Only use runemate if you continue. It uses human-like mouse movements compiled by a cloud system.
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  3. Jagex most definitely delays bans. Sorry for your loss, but at least it's not permanent. :)
  4. But ir is safe to continue using o r should i stop since im like 'tagged' by jagex?
  5. i would stop botting , if you want to risk to get a permanent ban go ahead :p
  6. If you're worried about the account being banned I'd suggest not botting on it.

    If you don't care too much about the account, you could probably bot on it after but you'd need to bot pretty safely and do some human activities occasionally as well (quests/minigames/dnds). They almost definitely monitor accounts more closely after a temporary ban for botting.
  7. I did on this account, it Was an 3 old acc with 0 stats Was gathering some Cash did some quests for turm, leveled a lot by my hand... But...
    Maybe simba crashed me
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    Btw the ofense is bot busting moderate (ban) an auto ban or a manual one?
  8. I've been getting quite a few 48 hour bans the past week, it starts with one account being permed by Macroing Major then it's a bot busting moderate ban on whatever other accounts are on the IP.
  9. bot busting is manual, which explains the 2 day rather than the permanent.
  10. Ive send an account for review on the same email (Was banned like 1 year ago for botting (PB) maybe can be this?
  11. If you get banned once, your IP gets flagged. Next time, you won't be able to bot for long until you get banned again, and then it will be 7 days or permanent.
  12. just change ip legit for some time do some quests i had it to and was botting 2 months after this happend do2.png
  13. Consider your self lucky, every time I've been banned it's been permanent un-appealable bans never just 2 weeks :p
  14. lets hope i stay lucky the account is my lvl 123 main xD
  15. Something might be going on, seems like a lot of people are getting Bot Busting Moderate.
  16. Jagex doesn't flag or ban by IPs. Just a heads up.
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  17. Ban? No. Flag? Yes.
  18. Like Mr. @WYD once said : "bot hard or go home."
  19. I have an account with 2300 total 100% botted besides level 60 dung, and 40 slayer. On the same IP and computer, I've had an auto-clicker alching, banned four times. My main has yet to be banned once.
    I used to think they flagged, but now I'm not sure.
  20. No, they certainly don't. but okay you're right

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