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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by timware, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Hello guys,

    I have a couple questions; 1. Can your main get banned when you bot on a alt? (no botting on main)
    2. Is it smart to trade items to your alt-botting account? And what is the best way to do this?(like dropping and stuff.)
    3. Can you run multiple bots at the same time or is it too many risk?
    4. How to change your ip/use a proxy for a bot? Please

  2. with the ip thing, i use tunnel bear, and non of my bots have been banned, had the accounts for 3 months botting around 6-9 hours a day while my tunnel bear is on :)
  3. 1 - No your main won't get banned, i speak from experience. I know many many of my friends who don't get banned including myself even if we bot on our main IP but we dont bot on our mains. However, after a while Jagex will flag your main which would mean any bot trading your main would get banned relatively quickly.

    2- Just simply trade your stuff, you won't get banned for it.

    3- You can run as many bots as you can on same IP but even if 1 bot gets flagged, all of your rest bots will get chain-banned. It's safe to segregate your bots on different IPs. I tend to keep 2 bots on 1 IP. So 10 bots would need 5 IPs.

    4- Buy proxy from Logical Node www.botprox.com - I use them but sometimes their IP seems flagged so I'm not entirely sure about them. You can try buying IPs from Virmach, they should be good as well.

    I speak only about OSRS. I have no idea about RS3.

    All that I've told you right now, keep it in your mind. I speak from the experience of at least 8 months of straight botting + goldfarming.
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