I juste got bot bosting moderate (ban)

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Christophe Bergeron, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. I juste got bot bosting moderate (ban) ... :(

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  2. 2 day ban.. Not too bad.
  3. Yeahh but, one more time and I will be Ban 1years aha, my Ban Meter is at 50% :p
  4. Which world, what did you bot, and where did you bot?
  5. Old Runescape , MassFighter , Barbarian StrongHold Security killing Minotor and Wolf , world 373.
  6. That sucks man. You shouldn't bot on that account again unless you really want to get it banned.
  7. I didn't know medium bans still get handed out. I thought perms only.
  8. Don't be surprised, RuneScape consists of bans
  9. I have never been given a non perm ban wtf?
  10. This.
  11. I think it's mostly on oldschool. Got a temp ban on oldschool couple months ago too. Always perm on rs3
  12. yeah possibly the only bad thing about botting on Rs3 :\
  13. i got insta banned on OSRS too wtf?!?!?
  14. I have that warning on my account for about 3/4 months now, and I'm still botting, and I'm not banned :)
  15. Yep same here, Perma bans only!
  16. My old main (prior to RS3's release) I decided I was going to try botting on a whim after more than 4+ years of legit play. Less than a week of poor choices while botting with powerbot, and I got a perma ban. I learned that lesson real quick..

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