I left then came back!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Factionless, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Hey guys I had decided that I was going to quit the RuneMate community because of weird reasons like Botting makes me depressed because it makes my love for rs wither away. But I decided that's bullshit. I like botting. And I like Runescape. I've decided that I'm going to be staying, and probably making new bots some time after I finish summer school. And I will not be botting on my main account at all. I will however be doing a lot of rs bot busting stress tests. Which means I'm going to be suicide botting a lot, and don't really care for the consequences. I'd love to reconnect with the friends I had made previously. And I hope to enjoy my time back!

    PS. If anyone wants to snapchat for some odd reason, mine is "BillyTho".If you add me just make sure I know you're from here, I love making new friends and love snapchat cx. (no nudes please, I have standards ;) )
  2. Welcome back ! :)
  3. Summer school...okay that explains Snapchat.
  4. Nice to have you back here!
  5. Welcome back noob
  6. Welcome back :)
  7. Whale cum back mister.
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  8. Welcome back, man! :)
  9. OMG love that :D
  10. Hey! I just got a phone! Let me enjoy it xD I'm just trying to recover credits so I can actually graduate. I had to watch all my friends graduate and I'm missing like 6 credits.

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