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  1. Jagex are watching my IP and banned my accounts. How do I start fresh with a new IP? I dont want to play on vpn. I just want to change my Ip
  2. Either use proxy or call your internet service provider to change your IP. Your MAC address won't be changed by this though.
  3. ok can you reccomend me a proxxy?
  4. Just look around forums and you'll find some cheap ones (proxies ain't really cheap tho). As long as they're guaranteed to be private, never used for rs, and SOCKS5, you're pretty much good to go.

    Banned ? Here's what you should do !
    ^this one's a nice read btw
  5. what do you mean never used for rs?
  6. if they have been used for rs they might be black listed
  7. Seriously just call your internet provider, or if you're too young get your parents to and ask for an ip change
  8. this just just a rumour
  9. Do you wear one of these too? :p
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  10. done

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