i need some help with Dedicated Servers!

Discussion in 'Programming & Hardware' started by Fake7, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. So , i've been thinking on starting some really serious Gold Farm.
    And, to do that, i would need: either a Dedicated server, or some Hardware.
    so, i've decided to take the Dedicated server, and got two questions:

    1° What server should i take? (see image below)
    2° Should i need to upgrade something on this server?
    3° From that server, how much accounts should i expect running?

    if someone with better knowledge than me on this area could help, i would be really happy ;)
  2. 32gb ram is quite high, also, you don't really need 2tb storage.

    I'd step in at 16gb ram with a 128gb ssd if that's available.
  3. oh i didn't changed the hd, sorry, was about to be 128gb ssd xd.
    so, should i get the opteron one or xeon? and what should i expect from each?
  4. Not sure about the internals, just the ram and hdd, but I'd ask @Arbiter about that.

    Regarding the optereon vs xeon, perhaps google?
  5. First of all you are paying a massive amount for a server like that, you would be cheaper going with somebody like OVH as they have super cheap hardware. SSD and 32GB+ ram would be my recommendation cause if you want to run a large bot farm, need lots of clients = ram. You don't want an Opetron, that's AMD. You want a XEON.

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