RS3 I need to be wealthy enough to buy anything on RS

Discussion in 'RS3' started by xXSlykidXx, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. To all the players with crazy bank,

    What do you do to become to wealthy? I need to be able to make about 500m in a short amount of time. Thanks.
  2. You could always buy your gold ;)

    The only fast way to make bank is staking, and even then there is absolutely no guarantee of making a profit.

    Your best bet is high level PVM
  3. gold farm buddy
    i make about 1bil a day
  4. See, the problem is I need high level gear as well :( I just need a great money making method so I can then fight those high level bastards xD
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    Sounds like a lot of work, man. I think gold farming is geared more towards people who want to sell gold and all that jazz. I just want to get crazy bank and enjoy Runescape. Ya know?
  5. You make 1B a day ?
    That is insane lol, how many accounts do you have running xD ?
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  6. if u just want to get gold and enjoy the game, buy it... dont see where you are getting with this.. u asking a bot community for big money but u dont wanna farm it? dont understand brotha
  7. about 12 accounts everyday
  8. Awesome man, Keep it up :D
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  9. 1B a day? Damn man.
  10. Buy from where?
  11. Boglagold. But that will cost you alot. If you buy it and buy enough to buy anything on rs you will spend 3,221,224$ just to buy all the partyhats if the buy ratio is 0.25$/m.
  12. Staking or goldfarming.

    Rs gets boring when you get the cash tho.

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