I trusted RuneMate, and it's admins.

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  1. So about a day ago - we got told we had to change our passwords urgently. We later got told the following by Arbiter "We are quite positive that no internal data was breached, but better safe than sorry."

    This is a staff members account that've been hijacked beucase of this security flaw.

    If you didn't know how to hacker could access @Falixus bank was because he stored the file on RuneMate's database.
    Isn't it retarded by RM to store accounts via their db when it's pretty simple to make a simple file that stores it?

    Also - It's funny how the admins aren't even taking action against the hacker..
  2. Dont give your password out if you dont want to get hacked. By putting it in client, youre making the choice to risk your account. Just use authenticator and nothing bad will happen, honestly it's quite simple.
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  3. After an extremely thorough investigation we are very aware of how @Falixus's account was accessed, which I'm sure he will concur with. It came down to personal password security and sharing the same credentials across other sites that have had their databases hacked/leaked. As this "Slash Unit" cool (s)kid will agree I'm sure, there are database dumps of pretty much every botting site quite easily available on many sites, including his favorite abusive one. It's also worth noting that none of those leaked databases are RuneMate, because we have not ever been hacked and I hope to keep it that way. Once Falixus's forum credentials were acquired his RS account went with it.

    While I have taken the time to explain this to you, I resent your accusations and lack of respect for individual user's privacy. How about next time you ask for clarification instead of jumping the gun on the word of a stranger?
  5. I've re-read OP 6 times, still can't understand what he's saying.
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    Authenticator is life.
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  6. im all fine and beena round every cheating forum rs related enough for my details to get about, i did notice tho, that i recived a code for my microsoft account to my mobile, but errm pretty sure i have never used msn accounts since i was at school lol.
  7. Seems like OP was talking to someone in TeamSpeak who claimed to have hacked RuneMate due to RuneMates "poor account security" or something. Also said that RuneMate stores RuneScape account information on their servers but they should just be storing it in plaintext on the local computer or something? idfk

    Arbiter said OP's friend likely just cross-referenced old leaked databases from other botting communities with RuneMate to hijack some accounts

    tl;dr @Falixus is an idiot and uses the same password for everything :rolleyes:
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  8. ROFL I just spoke to @Falixus and he said that's not even his RuneScape account. His RuneScape account is doing just fine botting away. :D
  9. Give him a break, aye. I'm sure all of you guys have had similar passwords to different times at one point.

    Blame the fuck unit that feels the need to do this to let everyone know their wieners are indeed as small as everyone thought. Nonetheless a shame that people became a victim to this.
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  10. I whipped something up in paint to commemorate the occasion.
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  11. Account in OP isn't even mine. My mistake for having the same password across two RuneScape botting websites, but hey I'm only human.
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  12. WTF is that loool
  13. Betting you $10 that this is Sperg Unit his own account, which would explain why he blocked out the name so carefully.
  14. Implying @Falixus would have Plague's End finished lol
  15. Must have seen @Light Yagami 's constant quest advertising in dev chat.
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  16. Dude that actually looks like me wtf.
    You guys made my day. XD
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  17. @hey - I have noticed that you have had one problem or another ever since you have joined this site. You are always bitching about one thing or another in the Shout Box even though you clearly have no idea of the situation at hand. You have been vocal about your distrust of RuneMate countless times, yet when someone calls you out, you just apologize and pretend to cry yourself to sleep in the fetal position. You also seem to be coming back at random intervals in time, which clearly projects your hypocrisy as well as the fact that NO competitor out there is currently better than RuneMate (RAM and CPU usage aside). My suggestion to you, leave RuneMate. Leeches like you provide nothing to the community of note except bullshit walls of text, which are an insult to bullshit itself.

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