I understand it's only $.10 but why are you stealing from us?

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    *Aggressive title for attention*

    Hi all,

    I wanted to voice a few of my concerns and see how others feel, if this has been talked about before, or if anyone has any solutions they are already doing to avoid this.

    So usually when I bot I always do it for a set amount of time that way I know it won't go overboard if I forget about it. Well every time I set a bot for 2 hours, I'll get charged for 3 hrs. This is not a problem with just 2 hours, but any time frame you put in there. Now if I want to turn the bot back on (noticing that I just paid $.10) if I restart the bot I will be charged another $.10 for a new use. Unfortunately, I did this the other day and realized I paid $.40 for 3 hours of botting.

    My assumption is as soon as the timer hits 2:00:00 it charges you for the next hour even if you run it for less than 1 second.

    Either put a universal button that allows bot to be stopped 1 second before next time payment or something like that.

    Any thoughts? I hate having to cut my bot off at like 1:45 and paying for 2 hrs, losing 25% of what I paid for doesn't seem to make sense to me.
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    I understand your frustration. I think the payment structure of runemate is overall good (pay as you go, only pay for what you use, etc), but there are some quirks that just feel bad (like going a minute over & having to pay for another hour etc). This is especially a bad experience for new users as they don't realize right away that that's how Runemate charges and it feels foolish to lose the extra money for "no reason" (even though it's just a few cents).

    Unfortunately it's unlikely any aspect of this is gonna change honestly. You just kinda have to know how the system works and work with it. Runemate charges the amount as soon as the bot starts & every subsequent hour, so if a bot is 10c/h it'll charge 10c on startup and then 10c just after 1 hour (or at 1 hour exactly? Not certain). Which I think you've already noticed.

    You can request a refund from the bot author if you're bothered, but it's at their discretion & a lot of them aren't active enough to bother for small refunds.

    If the bot has a "stop timer" of any sort, set it just below the hour mark (a few minutes to be safe), as if you put exactly 2 hours it'll likely stop the moment after the 2 hours have passed. Not every bot has a stop timer, it's up to the author to add it (my bots have it :rolleyes:).


    Does the bot you're using only have 15 minute increments for the stop timer? Again, these are implemented on a per-bot-basis, so you'll want to post on the specific bot thread about this if you want it changed.
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    I try to set all bot timers to around half the hour or 45 mins like you say... It's a small loss for the quality you can find here...

    I've had the most success after a little trial and error on this platform.

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