i want to apologizes

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  1. Hello i want to apologizes to all the bot authors for releasing work that was not mine,
    i did not intend for it to be public i was seeing how the svn worked for pushes and did not relies i pushed it to the bot store public,
    sorry for the inconvenience of all the problems i have caused.
  2. That would be more believable if you did not have advertisements in your signature for your tin miner and fletcher, unless those were genuinely your own work. But why would those bots be removed, then?
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  3. did you ever consider clicking the links lmao
  4. Of course I clicked the links. They linked to the bot store, saying that the bot was not found.

    But of course, the links now link to dank memes after you changed your signature.

    Tbh I don't care much about this.
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  5. lmao this post was a troll post for somebody i will not name i thought you where him i was just going along with it
  6. Oh.
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    You can ask a mod to delete my/our posts if your victim hasn't seen this yet.
  7. Hard to say this was a troll post. He downloaded an open source bot, changed a few things, uploaded it to the store and called it his own. Then when someone found out he tried to say "oh i didn't mean to upload those or post them as public" when clearly they were advertised in his signature for others to use.
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  8. Like you said, the multitude of holes in his story makes this very unbelievable. But what ever, I hope he learned his goddamn lesson not to be a leech, and will either make his own bots or just none at all from now on.
  9. @Arbiter @Cloud thoughts?
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  10. Oh, he's definitely not going to make the same mistake. But that's only because he knows he'll get caught - if he could get away with it, he'd do it again.

    Usually I refrain from making such statements about people over the internet whom I barely know, but calems is different.

    His lies and excuses demonstrate that he is short-sighted, incapable of thinking in the long-term. He's making a pathetic attempt to preserve his reputation, demonstrating his lack of guilt and sense of responsibility for his crime. He hasn't changed.

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  11. but i have here is what i am working on http://pastebin.com/xYUPy9W3
    ill make it open source just so everyone knows i am trying to change i do not want bad rep true but i know of 2 other who have made the mistakes what i am on at the moment so when you said and i quote "if he can get away with it, he'd do it again." i will not try it again i am currently reading this [​IMG]
    @Viewer is helping me with what i need to learn everyone makes mistakes once in awhile as such most new members make mistakes and i am new.
  12. Im not exactly the best bot author ever but yeah. Don't be so harsh to calem guys he didn't mean to do anything harmful to the community or the bot itself, I'm sure he won't do that anymore, right @calems ?
  13. i will be only releasing my work for now on no others will not use any others work for my gain.
  14. If you feel Calem has done something wrong just report it to Arbiter, he can sort it out. It's really childish to argue about this, we don't need bickering and fighting among bot writers, or else we'll become like any other botting community out there. Calem has been with us for how long and dedicating how much time to writing bots, if think he has done something wrong cut the crap and report it, never make the dev community a hostile place.
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  15. I'm sorry but if you pull this shit, you bring it on yourself...
  16. While I can't condone what happened and plagiarism is a serious offense, I can see that it came from a place of enthusiasm and over-zealousness. I'm inclined to forgive and forget since @calems has shown that he wants to learn and do better moving forward. In the meantime I have removed his rank with full expectation that he will earn it back. :)
  17. What bot did he leech? :D
  18. ^

    I missed this entire thing it seems, what actually happened?
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  19. He pushed a bot under his name that was a rip of someone elses open source bot that's on the bot store, left the gui the same and everything, the only thing different afaik was the name. So everyone got shitty because he was claiming it as his own. However, he claims that he hadn't meant to push it and it was only supposed to be for personal use, which is a plausible scenario. The only thing that casted doubt on his claim was that he had links to the bot in his signature.
  20. If u rip someone's work, at least give them credits :/

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