I would love to make a osrs herb cleaning bot

Discussion in 'Projects' started by boy9959, May 19, 2016.

  1. I would love to make a basic herb cleaning bot.

    Here's what it would do.
    Open bank
    Collect 28 of whatever herb selected
    Click on the 28 herbs one at a time
    Open bank
    But I wouldn't know how or where to start
  2. Bank.open();
    Bank.withdraw("Herb name", 28);
    SpriteItem herb = Inventory.newQuery().names("Herb name").actions("Clean");

    That in a loop. I'm sure if you know some Java you can figure out the rest. :)

    (Don't quote me literally, this is all on the top of my head.)
  3. I will give it ago, do you know how I can make a gui for it?
  4. Is the runemate api really that easy?

    Ps. Don't include the bank opening in the loop.
  5. [​IMG]
    0/10 doesn't work, worst bot author ever.
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  6. That's because you forgot to import Runemate.

    Code (Text):
    1. import please.import.runemate.com.for.me.*
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  7. It is that easy, indeed.

    And if you want to make an UI look at this: Tutorial - EmbeddableUI Tutorial/Reference
  8. Please no one steal this lol I really want to make my first bot with it
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    How long would it take for someone to make this and a ui with no background knowledge in Java
  9. Hard to say. It isn't quite as literal as RuneMate's API is. Just use resources and see how it's done, learn from that.
  10. Will do I'll try it out tomorrow.
  11. Quoted.
  12. Would this code work slash
  13. hnnnnggggggg
  14. I'm too sleep deprived to say tbh
  15. I'm half dead atm and need to be up for college in a few hours lol
  16. Not at all

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