OSRS I would really enjoy a stronghold of security bot for f2p

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by 7abdus, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. lately, i have been struggling to find appropiate bots to use to train my lvl 30 f2p acc so i figured a sos fighter would be good for f2p players like me
  2. why not alpha fighter?
  3. Does that bot do banking ?
  4. Probably not in sos...
  5. Lol that's why I thought an SOS bot would be good
  6. IT would be really difficult to implement banking since SOS is really complex with a bunch of doors. The path would need to be sophisticated... Probably not something i am ready to handle... Any other bot authors, please take this up!
  7. Thanks for checking it out anyway!
  8. :oops: Wish I could have helped more. But if i were to code that. it would take a ton of time... Way longer than how other bot authors would take... mostly because i would end up making a bunch of rectangles fore every room...
  9. Thanks for checking out the thread anyway
  10. Just bank manually unless you run out of food within 15min... in which case sos wouldn't be a good training spot at all.
  11. Try botting different NPC's with alpha fighter, or Pcows is a good script bot as well, it can easily get you high enough stats for other things.

    Choose an NPC that doesn't require banking. for Example at 45 + defence you can bot yaks for up to 90k xp/hr. I have 15 hour runtime here without food.
  12. He's f2p doe

    Anyhow, which monsters u killing? @7abdus
  13. I have tried the cows script bot before, however it doesn't seem to work for me though and also it is very slow xp to train with cows
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    I got 30 strength and 20 defence so I'm doing minatour
  14. Most people go members for the quick combat xp from quests and not having to train at low levels, and by then SOS is useless because of rock crabs/experiments/nmz. I'd suggest either doing that or sticking with alpha fighter and just pausing to bank.

    A lot of different monsters to include in the stronghold, coupled with the doors (which would require correct questions for each possible query - or at least reclicking until you get the question you want), and a semi-far bank kinda renders it useless when you could get comparable xp from something like alkarid guards :confused: and they offer a closer bank.
  15. You could just kill barbarians till you hit higher lvls.
  16. I'd like to go member for the quests but I'm a bit stuck with finding money making ways for f2p to get a bond through, any ideas?

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