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  1. Hi, Guys

    I'm nothing special here just some idea's , Have to say a big thanks to dev's really good job cannot complain regarding anything.
    Couple of project idea's probable other people have thought of but i am unaware myself of any being currently worked on.

    1. ZMI runner - ( not sure best running method currently )
    - (unknown status on being built)
    2. Abyss Runecrafting
    - @awesome123man - Currently Testing!
    3. Broad Bolt Pack Buyer From slayer master's
    - (unknown status on being built)
    4. Wintertodt
    - (unknown status on being built)

    I will update this list if you are currently working on one of those projects i will update saying currently getting worked on. I am currently studying and working on trying to make small projects but the ones listed are a bit more complex for my skill set currently.

    Kind Regards, Dan
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  3. It's not very good right now :p
    So many bugs. I think a nature runner was just made by someone also...
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  4. Awesome, can you make a cheap/easy bot that buys wines from ge to then drink it and bank it? For rs3 as it is good 400k/h :)
    Keep up the good work, most of the bots I use are made by you :)
  5. My abyss runecrafter made me 500k/hour yesterday running for 6 hours. No bugs! I pushed the update already so now just waiting. Hoping to reach like 900k/hour when I get the large pouch and a higher rc level, it was only 57 at the time
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  6. The broad bolt pack buyer, how would that work? Isn't that like a one-time per 24h thing?

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