If bots were ever officially allowed by Jagex

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  1. If bots were ever officially sanctioned by Jagex,
    • The premium bot market would suffer due to the obsolescence of antipattern
    • Commercial goldfarmers would be completely obsolete
    • Jagex would possibly gain a resurgence of members?
    • The non-consumable part of the economy would crash. I don't know enough about Economics to know by how much, though.
    • A good chunk of players would have fully maxed accounts.
    Anyone disagree or have anything to add?

    It seems as though this would hurt bot clients like RuneMate and Powerbot financially. So maybe premium bot authors secretly hope that banrates continue to be medium-high?
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  2. Disagree. They have the means to scale up in a fashion that individual (casual) gold farmers do not.

    Business models can always be adapted. It would affect Bot Authors, but not client developers.
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  3. the economy will pretty much die out, as there wont be legit players as in majority will be botters which leaves legit players no reason to play due to no real fun. prices of ge etc would die down every monster would be over crowded etc
  4. Pretty much, not to mention Jagex would completely demolish their reputation. As long as players feel there is chance to get banned by botting, there will remain a group of players who play legit.
  5. exactly my point
  6. Jagex would have to be damn desperate and it would be their last move before RuneScape dies, a good "botting population" remains on acting like a fish parasite and coexist within the game, it would be still against rules, thus keeping legit players alive and gives an actual point to the game for a minimum sense of accomplishment. If botting is "bad", legit players exist and the game has a meaning, if they exist, there will be people botting intending to take an unfair advantage over the legit ones that play knowing that it is the right thing to do as botters will eventually get banned, game cycle :p
  7. I think that if the whole population is botting (no legit players), most of the game becomes somewhat meaningless. Only PvP and bossing would be worthwhile.

    The game is kept alive by legit players/the threat of bans.
  8. Most members are already maxed/near maxed, very rarely do I ever see someone below level 120
  9. Well if you're walking around in Prifddinas, that is... Check the GE on world 2, plenty of newbs there.
  10. I haven't played Runescape in a while so my terminology is probably inaccurate, but I meant maxed skills, not maxed combat.

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