If no experience gained in 15 minutes, then force log-out

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  1. Yes, this should be client sided and the only exceptions should be by the admins

  2. Yes, this should be client sided by default, but bot authors should be able to make an exception

  3. The bot author should be allowed to choose whether to add it or not

  4. No, the idea is terrible.

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  5. Other, please explain below.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have another suggestion.

    Would it be possible to put in a fail-safe in the client that would force the account botting to log out if no experience in any skill was gained in 15 minutes?

    This will greatly help with preventing reports or Jagex's attention due to bots getting stuck (due to a bug or any other reason).

    This would be client sided, so it would work over all bots. [Edit: there can be conditions put in, like only log out if not in combat or whatever] However, individual script bot writers could ask for exceptions if their bot needed one, like if they had a G.E flipper bot or a store buyer bot.

    As a bonus, the client could also send a report to the author telling him which state the bot was in when it got stuck.

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  2. Should be something the bot writer does imo.
  3. I run private scripts bots who gain no xp so wouldn't want this. :p
    However put in in the client setup could work.
    Don't know if this actually would be neccecary tough.
  4. I would feel a lot safer if this were a client sided thing. Let me see if I can set up a poll on this thread...
  5. The client doesn't know of the bots state, it can be wrong to stop a bot at certain locations or states. What if the bot is stuck walking in and out of an aggresive area? The client might log it out while it's in the aggresive area, you die.

    A bot writer that puts effort in his work will implement failsafes like this anyway.
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  6. @Cloud @Arbiter

    What do you think? Could you add this by default, but allow script bot writers to opt out? Or add it as an option in the client?
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  7. I think this is a good idea.
  8. I don't like the idea, it's very odd behavior. A notification would probably be best.
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