If you can't fix 120mm Fan for your liquid cooling in your cases this the aussie way

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  1. 10/10 engineering skills
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  2. The CPU is 1c in 25c Room cos it getting a lot of AIR ♥
  3. I'm going to take a guess and say AMD FX CPU.
  4. Thats good, my PC currently stand at a bad position and I have to open my door for it to get fresh air :/
  5. Hell yes babe 5ghz ♥ running 15 bots ♥
  6. As I suspected, it's not actually running at 1c.
    FX chips have faulty temperature sensors.
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  7. That before at 100% now it ruuning at 15c
  8. Yeah that's still incorrect, thermodynamics will never allow a CPU to run colder than the air that cools it, so by saying your room was 25c I can assure you it's incorrect.
  9. yes
  10. I found an AMD FX cpu with 4.7ghz and 8 cores for slightly above $200, how is that price possible in comparison to i7 cpus? there has to be one big disadvantage or nah?
  11. Iirc that's an FX-9590? It has a couple of disadvantages compared to an i7.
    Namely that they are rated for 220w of TDP, meaning you literally need a liquid cooler for a remote hope for cooling it.
    Not to mention you need a pretty high end motherboard to support it, they're usually only rated for 140w.
  12. Ah okay I see
  13. Yeah... That's impossible dude, unless you're running some sort of liquid hydrogen/helium setup xD
    Higher TDP, meaning you'll need a higher rated PSU, and maybe a better cooling system.
    Also, one big disadvantage is that AMD CPUs have a much lower IPC than Intel CPUs, which can make a big difference in gaming. Not too sure how much it affects normal, everyday things or botting.
  14. That particular CPU has a pretty stupid overclock which makes up for the lack of IPC on Piledriver, and tbh from my experience AMD/Intel doesn't really matter in games, the big decisive factor is usually the GPU.
    The only time I've encountered a time where IPC was of utmost importance was for Emulation, things such as Wii or PS2 which are limited by how many cores they can use. Funnily enough some PS2 games are so ridiculously dependent upon Intel that it's almost impossible to run them consistently on Intel, Shadow of the Colossus is one such game.
    Straight from SoTC's wiki:
    • The CPU must be an Intel-brand; not AMD
    • Due to architectural improvements, the CPU should utilize the latest microarchitecture available
    • The clock speed must be over 4.0 GHz (The only Intel CPU with a base clock this high is the i7-4790K. Most other CPUs will need an overclock).
  15. AMD CPUs are as hot as my mixtape.
  16. Hit and miss then ;)
  17. AMD is god for botting =D
  18. AMD is good if you live in the arctic circle, other than that it ain't worth it.
  19. I'm go to run like 16 bots :) with two AMD FX pc's

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