If you could be in control of Jagex for a day

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  1. ... and do anything you wish without consequences.

    I'd made myself jmod, spawn 3rd age swords & cloaks, sell them to rwt companies, get paid in btc/bankwire, do this to all rwt companies I can find, then ban all the rwters and live on the Bahamas set for life.
  2. try to implement a bug that i only know so i can get money out of it and remove eoc xD
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  3. Delete the cancer known as rs.
  4. Complete control of Jagex? Sell the company.. work smart not hard.
  5. Sell it.

    Make it rain btche$$$$$$$$$$
  6. Easy...
    Simply co-op with botting companies.
    Ban all F2P's, and only allow botting on P2P = money.
  7. Implement a glitch/bug, get info about how banning works and how to prevent it, if possible get to make account immume to banning.
  8. Implement botting features on RS exclusively to p2p = $cash money flow$
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  9. You mean an "ironman" account ?

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    1. Allow Botting for p2p
    2. Download the game code
    3. Sell the game code :)
  10. Without consequence? Drain all the accounts, sell the company.

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