If you were to bot to max

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  1. How would you go about it? I.e what would be your plan of action, all skills botted, all quests done legit,
    What do you think would be the most efficient way?
    • Do your dailies and vis wax
    • Do your regular farm run
    • Get your daily sandstone from 'As a First Resort...'
    • Get your daily broad arrowheads at any slayer master
    • Get your Dungeoneering up asap as it has loads of useful features (imp, bonecrusher, demon horn necklace, weapons,...)
    • Do quests asap as most give loads of xp and useful bonuses
    For the rest, check my progress here:
  2. How many hours a day were you botting approximately?
  3. I did about 6 hours of botting, then like 3 hours of legit + daily stuff
  4. You can mix things up like bot first, then go ports + farming runs... that's what I did before going legit.
  5. I created my own bots to get several skills to 99 on my old main using RSBot. Much of my experience came through the usage of Ancient Effigies. I did as long as 2 day sessions. Do note this was a very long time ago, which you can probably tell due to the mention of RSBot.
  6. at the moment, with the currect bots, i don't really think it would be possible :p
  7. Currently I'm working on a skiller with RuneMate and my maximum that I bot is 6 hours.
  8. Bot dungeoneering to 120, then move to slayer, then do skills that are combined (unless the rates of a skill are superior solo then combining) (I started making my dungeoneering script bot with a fresh off the boat account, its combat has just been getting awesome exp, it semi trains a few other skills with random exp here and there.
  9. What do you do now that you're legit. :eek:
  10. Slayer and nox pking:eek:

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