Resolved IllegalArgumentException caused by Bresenham Path

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  1. Code (Text):
    2. (12:39:03) java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The planes of the start and destination coordinates must match! (0 != 1)
    3. (12:39:03)    at<init>(pob:151)
    4. (12:39:03)    at
    5. (12:39:03)    at
    6. (12:39:03)    at
    7. (12:39:03)    at
    8. (12:39:03)    at
    9. (12:39:03)    at
    10. (12:39:03)    at
    The task of walking to the altar within a FOH only executes once the player is inside the house itself. The portal and the altar are on the same plane level.

  2. Then you're generating between the wrong objects because the objects you're generating between are on different planes.
  3. Looks like i will need to modify either the query or the path to either only grab objects on the same plane as the player or only generate a path to an object on the same plane as the player.

    Edit: Can be marked as resolved

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