I'm being watched!

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by paredesk, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. @Aidden @Ozzy as you know my account (my favorite one super sad face) was recently banned. Haven't played since then because of my stupid ass work schedule (14 on 10 off). Today I create a new account, bot tutorial island (babysat, nobody else in world the entire time), and then go straight to botting seagulls. Walk away for 3 minutes, and come back and my account is already banned. Log into my other account (the one I've been using massfighter on mostly) and it's still not disabled. Haven't been on it besides checking ban status since the original ban. Are they watching my IP or something, or am I just stupid unlucky?
  2. Tutorial is heavily watched. Do it legit and you should be fine
  3. There's been quite a few cases of people being banned immediately after botting the tutorial like Aidden said, I'd avoid that :/
  4. 1/5 times I get banned for botting tut island, it does one thing bot like and it's gone :p
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