in search of a bot writer.

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Brezzo, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Hello, im interested in someone making me a private script bot, before i'll even give you information of what the script bot is going to be i want you to have a scripter rank just so i know i can trust you about not leaking everything.

    Edit: its combat related (i want it to be really well done)
    Edit: im paying ofcourse
  2. Team Celestial offers this ;)

    Check out their thread.
  3. Shouldn't a mod be neutral?:eek: That being said; celestial bots are truly W000000W.
  4. Well they're the only one that offer this service as far as I know haha.
  5. Doesn't @SlashnHax also offer this kind of service?
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  6. Oh, I didn't know.

    For OP: Both SlashnHax and Team Celestial are well worth whatever you pay them :)
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  7. @Brezzo , let me know how it works out with whomever you choose. I'm looking for a similar service to be done. ;)

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