OSRS inb4ban

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    [​IMG] 5/11/2015[​IMG] 8/11/2015 2/12/2015[​IMG]
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  2. YOLO, botter life is a hard life
  3. ikr.
  4. Bot hard or go home
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  5. inb4 delayed ban
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  6. updated
  7. 92 str 100% botted?:eek:
  8. Yeah , only thing that was done legit are about 3 quests :p
  9. Ohshit, nice progress mate!:)
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  10. 99 str reached :D
  11. How did you bot the strength?
  12. guards at fally and expiriments and monks at the start lol
  13. What was your setup for fally guards and wouldnt you run out of food????
  14. Is it still alive?
  15. yes , but i used teamviewer at my work to resuply .
    Still alive :D
  16. How have you not gotten banned? The ban rate with runemate is super high for me atleast IDK why. I log on make an account do tutorial island and kill cows for like an hour. Start tanning with MaxiTanner and in 2 invs im banned.
  17. Full inventory of lobster @ 45 defence lasts 4-8hours with rune on guards before needing to restock on food from the G.E,
    depending on the guards hit RNG.
  18. just get a blood fury amulet and it will make it alot more matienence free
  19. Old school m8

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