Suggestion Include JSON/Apache Http libraries in the client

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  1. Can these please be included in the client?

    Apache Http:

    It's actually a shame that Java doesn't have native JSON support, because JSON is used in almost every webservice you can think of. The HttpClient from Apache is optional, but is a nice "replacement" for the default HttpUrlConnection stuff.

    I need JSON to communicate with a set of webservices that I'm implementing in all my scripts bots soon, if this can't get included in the client then I will include them in all my scripts bots seperately, but it's cleaner and loads faster if it does get included.
  2. Tagging @Cloud and proposing a modification to the suggestion: adding Gson as a cloud library. This would mean the dev would specify the library dependency in their XML manifest (similar to Maven) and the client would download (and cache) it at first runtime.
  3. Sounds exactly what I want :)
  4. The client already supports this, it was just disabled because the compiler isn't setup to support them yet.
  5. I know. I was explaining for everyone else's sake, not ours. :p What I am now asking is that we re-implement it into the compiler and re-enable.
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  6. It's not something that's easy to maintain and it requires so work on the clients front end because the first time it downloads some of these libs, they're 20+ megabytes and a strange idle while it does that is obviously a bad idea.
  7. For now on I'm only including the JSON files that I actually need ;)
  8. We could easily re-use our LoadingDialog we show at the beginning to serve this purpose.
  9. Well I basically bypassed it this way, and it's working as it should too ;)

    Included the org.json package in my svn, and used the default packages as a replacement for Apache Http ;)
    The JSON package only is about 500kb.
  10. And I hated you for it because I had to review every line in the package.
  11. I know you love me <3

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