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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Conar, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. ive used this bot for like 3 days now and i clicked x off of it today came back and it wouldn't load the game for me help
  2. I've had this before, on rare occasions. It tends to go away after a RM restart.
  3. whats a RM care to elaborate?
  4. Runemate :D
  5. yeah i tried to do that i deleted it then downloaded again still doesnt work? i really like this bot was thinking of donating tbh i still will if you can help me sort this out lol love the bot tho best out there?!
  6. First: Restart your computer :)
    Did not work? Delete everything related to Runemate/Runescape from your pc :) and redownload
    Did not work? Restart your router
    Did not work? contact @Cloud or @Arbiter
  7. Try loading RuneScape through the official client.
  8. that didnt work but i fixed that still waiting on the bot client to just work now
  9. So loading the official client didn't work?
  10. I think he means that he got the official client to work, but not Runemate... which is weird xd
    @Conar are you blocked at the reflection loading screen? or does the client just not pop up at all?
  11. basically what happens is is that i log in and it just sais downloading game.. i even slept with it running like that i woke up to it still saying downloading game..
  12. this is my other account btw and i just tried it on my mac downstairs and its fine it might be my computer any suggestions on this?
  13. Other account as in 2 RuneMate accounts?
  14. yeah
  15. where does it say this?
  16. You'll need to purchase additional instances, you can't bypass it with two accounts. :). @rads
  17. ah right okay
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  18. Sometimes I forget that there are other mods than Cabbage:(

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