Bug Instance Failed due to limit of 2 bots running at the same time

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  1. Hello fellow friends, I think i have uncovered a bug. This morning I attempted to start my bots before I left for work and I usually only run two accounts. Today I could not run 2 just only one. The error message told me to wait 15 minutes and try again. Personally I do not know what is going on but apparently I have to upgrade my account to use two when the limit is two. It makes no sense lmao. Anyways, cheers hopefully you guys can find the issue with this message. Or maybe I may just be reading this wrong! I have had no disconnects or anything with the client. I tried resetting the client but I kept getting the same error message.

    Second attempt: Just to quickly respond to this, I restarded my pc, and did not do anything with it while I waited 30 minutes for the runemate servers / client to reset. It still does not allow me to run 2 clients without paying.
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  2. RS3 or OSRS ?

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