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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by paulsniper19, May 24, 2016.

  1. Instances of client keep popping up when bots are running, hampering my productivity, outside of runemate. Can someone let me know if this is a common issue, and if there is any way possible to fix this?

    Running on OS X Yosemite
  2. It's a known issue - not really sure about a fix, though I'm sure they really aren't meant to be stealing focus. I'm not sure if it's a Jagex thing, a Spectre thing or what.

    There should be apps available that force-hide the clients though, I recommend using one of those.

    Can you try to identify any tasks in particular that cause the client to focus? If you can identify a handful of method calls that could be causing this then we may be able to identify a cause.
  3. I'll monitor it and let you know. However, from what I've observed prior, it appears to be quite random. Right now, I'm running divination, however, I can't seem to spot any reason as to why the client focuses; no in-game chat, no abnormal events occurring... but as I said...I will monitor it and keep you posted, once I notice anything out of the ordinary.
  4. I meant more specific, like attempting to click wisps or attempting to click inventory items or turning the camera.
  5. I've observed it focusing sometimes when it has to click on an object, whether it be inventory or wisps. Haven't noticed anything other than that so far.
  6. @Vaped
  7. Minimize the RS client.
  8. Nope...still re-opens themselves
  9. How about moving it to another (virtual) Desktop?

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  10. Well...I just dragged the window to the bottom right of the screen, which works for my case, but this doesn't solve the actual issue of the runescape window re-opening. It seems to be when it interacts with an object, but not always
  11. I keep getting notifications when using the bot and typing a message is that wat you get?
  12. Nope...the Runescape window focuses itself after being minimised or moved to the back of another window.

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