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  1. Hey guys i Createt a New rs3 account and i got innstand Banned can anybody tell me why and pls watchout
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    To answer your question, were you banned before ?
  3. Have you ever botted on that IP before? Used other botting clients?
  4. yea i did bot on other clients oldscool and on this ip thats right how can anyone help me to set it up that i can bot and can tell me how the proxxy thng works sorry for my bad english
  5. I'd suggest you to wait for RuneMate Spectre. However, if you still want to have a go, then try proxy: buy/find a socks5 proxy, and set it up on the RM interface (where you enter login credentials).

    You could also try VPN...
  6. whats an socks 5 proxxy i need some helpt with proxxys i dont have any idea how this works and vpn is bad for me because my internet is so terrible slow then
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    and wehn does this specter thing be released
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    so thats an ip that i got from the internet i just type that into proxy ?
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    and now it says i need to check my firewall
  7. You can't bot a new account. My guess is nonmember too? You cant do this. This is not 2007. Unless you like accounts getting banned do something on the account first. Get it some manual levels do some easy rewarding quests. Signing up and starting a bot or even making an account with the client is just lazy and frankly deserving of a ban.
  8. I make all my accounts within the client and have never had an issue there. Furthermore, some accounts won't get banned right away from botting straight after tut island. It's pretty random honestly.
  9. Regarding Spectre: RuneMate 2.0 Spectre | Community | RuneMate

    Disable your firewall and try. Lemme know if it works.
  10. Disabelt the firewall and didnt work with the proxxy and for the other guy didnt made the account with the bot client made it on the internet logt in for 1 time an then logd in with the client and got banned
  11. Just make a new account and bot. Proxy won't make a difference unless you're running a huge goldfarm.
  12. yeah but i get instant banned
  13. Play legit for a while, then bot.
  14. how long ?
  15. Few hours or so. Just do some easy f2p quests, they're super easy and don't take long at all. All my accounts always last a lot longer if I do some quests before I bot.
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  16. Your IP was flagged as that of a botter since you were previously banned. If you use a proxy, don't use a free one because you'll also be banned. You should just lay low for a while.
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  17. I've received over 10 bans on my IP, and a few days later, I'm botting 4 WC bots, not switching skills. So IDK if I believe in IP flagging so far. If 10 bans in a week or two doenst do it, what will lol?
  18. This is why I am glad I have 2 ip's and 2 routers. I only bot on one :)

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