Instant bans?

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  1. Am I only getting instant bans? Tried to make new ACCs and bot on fresh accs with RuneMate. Made 5 accs on 5 diffrent not flagged IP. All got instant ban after logging in with RuneMate. Am i only getting this issue? I have dynamic IP, when i rreset the router i get a new IP .
  2. This is happening to me too. Create an account via RuneMate, insta ban.

    I "bypassed" this by creating a new account via the official webclient, i trained legit for like ~30 minutes, now im still botting on that account, without a ban.
  3. wait for spectre(tm)
  4. Spectre will take long time, and invention hype will pass by this time so the money making methods also ;x sucks
  5. No it won't take that long anymore, the progress made in alpha is pretty solid.
  6. I think @Aidden said something like Spectre will be released in a week or two.
  7. I did indeed. The alpha release of spectre begun more than 12 hours ago. I'd expect the alpha to run for a couple days, maybe a week. If no major issues are found the public release should follow shortly after. Keep in mind, cloud and arbiter are the only people working on the client so don't take this as a definite. It's more of an unofficial eta based on what I've been told. Fingers crossed guys!

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  8. Disable your shitty HUAWEI sig. Many unprofessional.
  9. I bet your subnet is flagged.
  10. i doubted runemate all the time cz i got like 400 bans with this client.
    but week ago i decided to use runemate on my vps instead of rsbot.
    Im pretty alive , botting over 10 hrs a day non stop!
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  11. Its an IP issue probably. I just change mine and it stops.
  12. got my first ban using runemate
  13. gz, but not on topic.
    It's not reasonable to post it without at least saying what you botted and for how long :)
  14. I make goldfarming accs within runemate client. Not banned. But i only use them osrs
  15. I used runemate for around 2 days, one day a few hours alching, yesterday 15 minutes of a dng bot and got ban. is every macro ban only 48 hours or just the first? @Aidden
  16. Its not an IP issue. You shoudl always create accounts via the website and play legit on it via normal client before even logging in with the account on runemate. Also be sure to reinstall runescape client and delete cache files atleast once per week.
    If the above things are not done insta bans will most likely happen.
  17. Steps to regain bot God status

    Go to internet cafe/Library
    Make mass accounts
    Come home

    Need any more tips PM me.

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