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Do you like the idea of an ID&D section?

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  1. People like to debate; Intellectual Discussion and Debate (ID&D) would be a great section to have so that people have a common location to discuss things logically and to prevent personal opinion and emotion from getting in the way of a debate. That being said, ID&D would encourage a stronger and more positive community because it would encourage people to think more critically about a topic at hand and for people to improve their ability to debate.

    While everyone likes to debate, these very debates can turn into personal shots and significantly underdeveloped discussions in the form of shorter 1-3 line posts. A character limit would need to be included so that people would write more thought through points.

    I've included a poll for people to voice their opinion.

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  2. If this is included

    literally, like
    so happy

    This would be my haunt.

    Edit: Although skype is definitely more suitable for intellectual discussion because people have to argue point by point, quickly. This would be good enough.
  3. Its a pretty cool idea. A place for people to actually debate something in a more civil manner, as opposed to just random insults to prove their point.
  4. I like the idea however i feel it would need to be heavily monitored to remove spam of any kind as it would be nice to keep these threads clean
  5. So you finally get to do something! :D Pls don't ban me now. :3


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