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  1. Doesn't seem to be working anymore. Just ran my tutorial island solver and found that no interactions that require you to use an item on something are no longer working. I'm selecting the item in my invent which works correctly, interact(string, string) then hovers the correct object but doesn't click it, jagex may have changed the arrow thing or something that appears between the two items. @Cloud
  2. Does regular interaction(String) still work? (read my topic @ client support section)
  3. Yeah that's how i interact with trees and such, it's just using an item on something that seems to have stopped working.
  4. As of a couple updates ago I've began to force exact matches and currently the arrow is interfering with the regex that I'm generating.
  5. Any idea when this might be fixed?
  6. It should be fixed in beta 43 (now available)
  7. Thanks :)
  8. @Cloud still doesn't seem to be fixed
  9. What two strings are you trying to use?
  10. Use and Fire. It used to work, i was just making a new account and noticed it stopped working. It clicks on the fish fine, but it can't click on the fire to cook them, it just hovers it.
  11. Well if an item is selected the action is Use and the target is like -> Fire. And as I said, we now enforce exact matches.
  12. Okay so you're saying the target name must now contain the arrow?
  13. If the action you're trying to do includes the arrow then yes, you can see the exact values in the misc tab of the development toolkit
  14. Okay thanks bro, that should fix it up.
  15. For anyone who's having trouble with this, you now have to include the name of the item, the entity the item is being used on, as well as the arrow. Here's an example. After performing .interact("Use") on some shrimp i then need to perform the following interaction to cook it on the fire fire.interact("Use", "Raw shrimps -> Fire")
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