Bug Interacting with an unreachable banker

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Aidden, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Varrock west bank. Tries to interact with that banker which you can never get to because the door is locked.

    Tried both of these. @Cloud
    Code (Text):
    2. Banks.newQuery().surroundingsReachableFrom(player).results().nearest()
    3. Banks.getLoaded().nearest()

    Screenshot 2016-06-18 13.02.17.png
  2. Does she move about that small area at all or is it a single coordinate? Perhaps check to see if bankers are next to a bank booth in the client? Thoughts?
  3. I don't think they move around. And yeah that might be good assuming there are no instances where usable bankers aren't near a booth.
  4. It's a single coordinate, I think I used to have her coordinate in a blacklist when searching for banks.
  5. A blacklist is a pretty cruddy way to handle it though, there should be a universal solution in place. Are there "free range" bankers that aren't next to a bank booth? If so, are they always reachable?
  6. Yeah, it definitely was a bandaid fix xD

    The moving bankers that I can think of are always reachable...
  7. @Cloud There's also one in the osrs draynor bank (probably rs3 as well) that is standing at the back of the bank behind the other bankers and isn't moving or near a booth. This one is an issue because it's the closest banker to the trees so it tries to interact with him which causes the player to run to a tile outside the bank that's in line with that banker and it just gets stuck there (only occurs with the banker that can't be interacted with).
  8. So what do you think we should use as a condition for a valid banker? Be next to a game object with the action Bank or be reachable? Or does that "Banker" not have the option "Bank"?
  9. The banker has the bank option. I think the best option would be for it to be a valid banker it needs to either be next to a booth or be reachable
  10. @SlashnHax want to write the code for this?
  11. @SlashnHax @Cloud Would be great if this could be implemented soon. Looking like im going to have to write my own workaround because it kind of breaks banking in certain locations...
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  12. Why not use the bank booth? and do reachable?
    If you stuck with the bankers for normal banks it would have to be next to a bank booth, but would that make bankers that are not near a booth stop working? Tzhaar for example.

    I found this after my Sudofisher became stuck in Draynor with the same problem Aidden had, and MaxiWC tried to bank at the cooking guild. -.-

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