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  1. I recognized the interaction is failing miserably when trying to interact with interfaces, for example trying to deposit an item. I haven't experienced the same with 3d models.

    What happens is, the mouse moves towards the interface, but keeps interupting at like half of the way, resulting the interaction to abort/fail.

    As i can't see the exact mouse path and movement i can not precisely say what the exact issue is though.


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  3. Hmm interesting, is it only SpriteItems or is it all 2d interfaces?
  4. Seems to happen with menuitems and maybe the minimap aswell. So I would assume it is interfaces in general.
  5. Is this exclusive to either osrs or rs3?
  6. Not tested on OSRS, only RS3.
    I have not tried to delete my biometrics yet, should I do that first?
  7. Sure
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    Does this still occur on the latest releases?
  8. Still persists somehow. Depositing for example fails miserably. Path#step(true) takes more than 7 seconds, while I think most of the time the mouse does not start moving.
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  9. It sounds like several distinct bugs. I recommend posting a new thread regarding slow path generation and stepping (be sure to mention path type) along with another thread for bank depositing failing on rs3.
  10. Path generation is fairly quick. Bot WebPath and RegionPath barely take 2 seconds to generate if uncached.

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