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  1. Runemate closes lots of interfaces but doesn't close the OSRS report player window, or the trade window. Both of these interfaces are frequently miss clicked due to clouse. Bots could handle them, but as Runemate closes other interfaces (collection box) it would be consistent to close report window, and possibly trade window. (Bots should never be reporting players anyhow.)
  2. If I'm not mistaking, @Cloud has already plans on adding them to the interface handler for Spectre.
  3. Support.
    If you got data about those interfaces you could post them here to speed up the process tho :)
  4. It would be nice if we could supply information to the Interface Closer to add custom interface closing.
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    Just to clarify on my above post. It would be good because it would allow us to have more control over the interfaces. E.g. If you don't support the Deposit Box, then tell the InterfaceHandler to handle the Deposit Box, but if you do, then tell it not to. IMO there should be a ClosableInterface interface, with isOpen() and close() methods, and an enum of the interfaces supported by RM. This would give us the needed control, as well as the ability to extend the InterfaceHandler to handle additional interfaces.
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  5. @Cloud I support.
  6. What container is the report abuse window in?
  7. 553

    InterfaceComponent for the close button is [553, 1, 11]
  8. I support this as well.
  9. The report dialog is now handled by the interface closer in spectre.
  10. Can we control the interface closer to some extent in Spectre?
  11. Not in the alpha release.
  12. can the minigames spotlight interface be added to the interface closer? ploxxxxxx
  13. There's already an option to disable player report and trade in osrs... Unless you're all talking about something completely different.
  14. I once wrote a script bot that detected players advertising websites and it reported them, until none were found. It would then hop to a new world and repeat.
    By automatically closing the report interface, _you_ are responsible for the spam, @Cloud ! Shame on you!

    But seriously though, it would be good to have it configurable per script bot.

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