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How do you feel about advertising?

  1. They're great! I love finding new sites I can trust.

  2. They're alright. I don't usually mind them.

  3. Meh, but I understand why RuneMate needs them right now.

  4. I hate them! Get rid of them nao!

  1. The Executive team has made the tough decision to introduce advertising to RuneMate. As a speedily developing botting client that has yet to actualize its cash flow, our advertising sponsors will help supply the much-needed investment to keep us alive. We request that you browse their websites and consider doing business with them. We personally vet all our advertisers and are customers ourselves, so trade with confidence.

    We want to hear what you guys think of this, so we can all shape this project together. Please post any feedback you have and vote in the opinion poll above.

    Interested in advertising with us? Please contact Party for more information.
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  2. I dont like ads but I know that we need them for now... so yeah I want whats better for RuneMate
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  3. Honestly as long as they don't obscure the actual forums and they're targeted at the audience I don't mind.
    You can always add another advertisement of the bottom of any page (which will still be visible if people write comments), just don't stack them up at the top of the forums.
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  4. Bottom of page = no acknowledgement by new users so kinda defeats the purpose unfortunately
  5. It could be sold as cheaper advertising space, though.
  6. I was thinking a vertical one under the right sidebar.
  7. Great choice, just make sure it's just as wide as the sidebar or I'll get really annoyed lmfao
  8. Sounds good to me :) Like salvation said make sure you got that symmetry ;)
  9. This shouldn't even be debated! Ofcourse you guys should advertise. There's nothing wrong with that and we all understand that the company needs a consistent source of income. Glad this finally got implemented :)
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  10. Just added a sidebar one. Let me know what you guys think about the placement/shape.
  11. Do what's best for the site. But please, never add pop-ups.
  12. I love advertisement involving RS blackmarket, not really interested in growing my peter through pills though lol.
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  13. As said above, sure, I don't mind them, just don't stack them above :)
  14. I agree, as long as we can see the content in the forums and can act without delay then ads will help us even more!
  15. As long as they are related to the interest in the forum, then it is fine. I don't generally click on adverts, but if it's something interesting and what I'm looking for, then I will give it a go.
  16. When i tried to swap RSGP for Runemate Credits they said no :[[
  17. friend, when did you ask ? did you talk on live chat of ?
  18. I personally wouldn't really click an ad unless it was to support RuneMate, but I agree with having them as it helps fund the entire program and keeps this community running. Therefore, I do support them.
  19. It's weird to see a website without advertisements nowadays. I found this website randomly, and it's been running great! I say do what you need to in order to keep the site up! People who want to use the bot won't mind.

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