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  1. I am very pleased to announce that @SlashnHax will be joining the RuneMate Executive team effective immediately. He likely needs no introduction as most of you know him from the numerous high quality bots he has published on our Bot Store. @Vaped and I have been quite impressed with his contributions to our community and are very happy that he has agreed to partner up with us. He will be helping us with day-to-day client maintenance, bot review & approval, etc., but most importantly he will play a significant role in shaping the future of RuneMate. Even though RuneMate 2.0 Spectre was successfully launched only a few weeks ago, you can expect many exciting developments to be coming soon and @SlashnHax's help will be pivotal to make it possible. So without further ado, please join me in congratulating him on his promotion!
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  3. Well deserved, really convinced slash will do an excellent job!
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  4. I saw it coming based on the messages in the devchat. :p

    Big congratulations to him, he really deserves it. Awesome attitude, very friendly, very knowledgeable. Good job!
  5. Congrats Slash, well deserved! You can call me the oracle :')
  7. Congratulations brooo! Definitely deserve it after all those minty ass scripts bots you write
  8. Great to hear!

    Please do clean out the current bot store, I feel like there's a lot of bots that don't work properly anymore even though they do compile.
  9. This. It has been enough time now for everyone to fix their bots imo.
  10. Already on the cards :)
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  11. Slash deserves it 100%! A great product of WYD's teachings!
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  12. (n) This thread needs to be moved to casual. Such faggotry shouldn't be taken seriously.
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  13. I don't have any memes dank enough for this announcement, so a simple "Congratulations" will have to do.

    Isn't that implying that there was a point where RM wasn't great?
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  14. Thanks everyone :D
  15. @SlashnHax Congratulations :D, I love you, please let me have your babies
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  16. Great things are happening all around. Congratulations! Looking forward to the future of RuneMate even more now.
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  17. About time slash, gratz buddy <3

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