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  1. Here at RuneMate our mission is to arm developers with the arsenal they need to crush the competition. Following that mantra, the latest addition in our ever-growing tool suite is the Exception Log. This bad boy will close the feedback loop between our two most valuable assets, developers and end users, by facilitating a direct line of communication with the least amount of effort from either party.

    @Bot Authors, let's be honest here. No matter how godly of a Monster-fueled coder you are, you're probably familiar with the unwelcome guest who goes by NullPointerException. Now instead of receiving hate mail and death threats for breaking everyone's favorite bot, you will receive exception logs that will include both stack traces and user input in real-time.

    @End Users, you now have the ability to provide pertinent information to reproduce the bug in just one button click, directly from the client. Now developers will have no excuse for slacking off, so you'll have every right to get on them to get their act together. ;)

    Without any further ado, I'll drop the mic and let the screenshots do the rest of the talking.



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  2. That's cool, nice work :) keep the good work coming.
  3. I wonder how long it will take before Paris starts making up bullshit stories again as attempt to not lose his complete userbase to us ;)
    Because this sure is awesome.
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  4. shit jjust got real.
  5. I'm pleased.
    This is good. I like.
  6. Surreaaaaaal
  7. Awesome feature (y)
  8. I remember when he said Jacmob volunteering in Africa was the reason he left his dev position. I don't think he'll be able to deploy that one again. :p
  9. Lolyes. I think that was the funniest one. That one or him claiming that Arbiter, Jacmob, NoEffex, Blackbone and Gh0$T are all the same person.
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