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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by snotaapii, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Hello RuneMate members,

    I've just created a account on RuneMate and a Account on Old School and botting ATM.
    I've got knowledge in C/C++ and years years years ago i learned Java and C# but that was so long ago. Also I haven't coded in C/C++ in a while. Anyways i want to create my own "scripts bots" and want to ask you coders is it easy if i got knowledge in C/C++ and still a little C#/Java? I'm a fast learner.

    I'm planning to create some HQ scripts bots because no offence the majority of bots (free ones) do not work well and i know it would be an easy fix.

    Anyways any tips?
  2. Welcome aboard @snotaapii, i hope to see quality scripts bots coming from you. You would be a good addition to the developers.
  3. Download a java IDE of your choice, and get to coding, is my only tip. I just started programming a couple of weeks ago, and had a fairly tough time at first, but I'm getting the hangs of Java now. You'll probably have an easier time getting the hangs of java, because you already know another language.:)
    I hope you enjoy your stay here at runemate, and i'm looking forward to seeing your scripts bots. :)
  4. Imo, it's not the different language that's the biggest hurdle, it's thinking abstractly and understanding the concepts. If you can do that then even coding in a new language is pretty straight forward :D
  5. Ofcourse it is easy to learn but im used to WinAPI and not Frameworks ive used Eclipse in the past but i think ill just learn it fast.

    Ive also seen the API docs, they look wierd as fuck cuz im used to MSDN

    For example I/O (File Management APIs)

    easy to read, easy to find :D but i guess thats just expierence
  6. All scripts bots are free, have you tried them? I haven't found one that didn't work.

    Anyways, welcome.
  7. Welcome to RuneMate! Glad to hear you're interested in authoring bots. Moving from language to language is usually simple (and annoying at worst). I think you'll do just fine. I would recommend checking out the Tutorials & Resources section for detailed instructions on how to set up your favorite IDE (I highly recommend IntelliJ and can give you an Ultimate license. Additionally we have a vibrant Skype dev chat where I'm sure the squad would love to help you. Send me your Skype via PM and I'll throw you in if you're interested. That invitation is open to anyone interested as well.

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