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Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by Bill Is, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. So, I botted up 60 woodcutting over night, wake up this morning and tried to find somewhere to bot yews (please, someone make Yew support for Darkscape) when my account is logged out. I tried logging in with what i am sure is the email/pass combination but it tells me the login is invalid. Is this what happens when Darkscape accounts are banned? Or is there something else going on?

    I tried logging into the main RS website to check my message center and it told me once again the the email and password are incorrect.
  2. No that's not typically how Jagex handles bans. You should try recovering your account. You're either mistyping your password or someone changed it without your permission.
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  3. .. No, if you are banned then you will see a relevant message.

    The details you're using to login are incorrect.
  4. ^
  5. Well, that is what's implied. But I can assure you the login details are 100% accurate and it must be something else.

    I'll try recovery.

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