RS3 Invention Bot?

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by mew, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Can you please make a script bot that automatically buys White Knight gear and disassembles it while at White Knights?
    Also one that just disassembles all stuff that is in your inventory that is noted?
    Disassembling noted items takes FOREVER
    Especially if there's 5k+ of them haha
  2. I'm in the progress of making a disassembler, but you have to buy shit yourself. I'll make it so you can pick any item and it will disassemble until you run out of items.
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  3. Perfect!
  4. What's the xp rate? Like average from 60-99?
  5. You get the most XP from leveling up your augmented weapons to level 10 then dismantling them for 500k~ XP

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  6. The experience isn't in disassembling, it's in destroying levelled up equipment. You need to disassemble in order to make augmented equipment. Disassembling is just so tedious, I'd personally wouldn't be able to do it without a bot.
  7. What kind of shitty skill is this m80s?
  8. The point is that at high levels you get great perks for your gear, for example per item slot you get per level of your equipment a 3% more adrenaline gain on auto attacks, stacking up to 30% at level 10.

    For me it's more a money sink than anything else (it was needed, but why make a skill out of it doe).
  9. That's really OP doe. Rs3 was easy enough before; now they've made it even easier.
  10. That's their goal. Why not focus one playstyle on everything be quality of life, and the other (OSRS) being about the grind.
  11. Why grind when you can bot?
  12. Why bot if the game is so easy you can just legit it. :---)
  13. Because you won't be able to use RM;)
  14. Orrr ya know
    Spend an hour disassembling 6000 maple shieldbow (u)s

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