Resolved Inventory.containsAllOf(Filter<SpriteItem>) is broken

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  1. Seems to always return true.
    Code (Text):
    2.     Filter<SpriteItem> axeFilter = new Filter<SpriteItem>() {
    4.         @Override
    5.         public boolean accepts(SpriteItem item) {
    6.             // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    7.             return item != null && item.getDefinition() != null && item.getDefinition().getName().toLowerCase().contains("axe") && !item.getDefinition().getName().toLowerCase().contains("broken");
    8.         }
    10.     };
    No matter what i change the name to, containsAllOf(filter) returns true.
  2. Try (just a suggestion):

    Suggestion 1:


    Suggestion 2:
    Do a System.out.println(); on every single of the 4 conditions in your return statement and check which one is returning true when it shouldn't(play a bit with it to find out the wrong one).
  3. The thing is, when i change it to Inventory.containsAnyOf(filter) using the same filter, it works correctly. So i'm assuming it's not a problem with the filter.
  4. I see.. as a temporary workaround use multiple containsAnyOf() ?
    Cloud will probably be able to fix this :p
  5. Only need one, and i am :) It's just to see if we have a usable axe, if we don't then the script bot stops.
  6. The naming for this particular overload may be bad. Whereas the containsAllOf(String/int) verify that each individual element is in there, containsAllOf(Filter) does a check to verify that all of the items in the inventory match the given filter.
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  7. Ahh yes that destinction should probably be made in the docs or something lol
  8. Agreed @Cloud.
  9. It was renamed as soon as it got brought up.
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