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  1. It only returns amount in money pouch, not the sum of both moneypouch and inventory:


  2. I think it's supposed to only get the money pouch. But it won't be hard to hardcode it I guess...
  3. It only the amount in the money pouch in RS3 and the amount in the Inventory for OSRS
  4. It's better as is, so if the author needed one or the other they could get it. To get the full total you can always sum getMoney with how much is in the inventory.
  5. Yeah it isnt hard to add them together. I just thought, from the way I read the API description, that it should return the sum of both.

    That double max cash life.
  6. It should be what's in the money pouch and what's in the inventory, is the name not "Coins" in RS3?
  7. It's actually 'geepeez' in rs3
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  8. [​IMG]

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  9. Yesterday I got a tray notif saying RM was updated but couldn't find a changelog. That update seems to have broken it
  10. They changed getMoney() from an int to a long, that may be what broke it
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  11. That did the trick.

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