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  1. Hey lads, I recently had my main receive a 48 hour ban and my iron man was perma'd and my alt main was permed too, so I decided to start a new iron man. I logged in, chose the ironman option, clicked randomise once and was instantly permabanned. Has anyone else had this happen? I thought it was interesting they'd ban without any chance to play.
    [EDIT] I logged in on the runemate client when I was banned the first time.
    I have just made another new account and logged in via the runescape website client and it's fine.
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  2. Is there any way to like not get banned so easily? Made like 3 accounts already lmao. Once i reached high stats, I just get perma banned randomly on the spot.
  3. No idea but my webclient account is going fine (playing legit) whereas both new accounts I made that I logged in straight away on Runemate were instantly perma banned. I swear to god they can detect the client.
  4. Yeah ikr. Ive been fine leaving my runemate client on for some days, and it'll just get perma banned later on. Im not sure why they ban it later on instead of instantly for me.
  5. That is weird, maybe they're hoping that you'll get membership so they can get some money out of you before they ban lol
  6. Is this happening for rs3/darkscape or osrs?

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