Question IP Flagged? What to do.

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  1. Hey guys,
    I've been living on campus these past months, and have gotten 0 bans.

    What have I botted? Average 16 hours a day, two accounts.
    13 99's on a level 3, and 9 99's on a main account. Level 3 was 10 year old account, main account was brand new.
    They both got insta-perm banned, none of that 48 hour crap.

    Now, it seams like each account I make, within a matter of days I get banned for 48 hours.

    I believe its due to my IP being flagged. So what do I do? I don't think I can change my ip, since its on campus, and not my personal router. Ideas?
    Note, im botting for personal pleasure of the game, and will eventually start a small bot farm.
  2. Just when I bot, or even when I play? Can you recommend me one?
  3. Bot.

    Cyberghost or IPVanish.
  4. Thank you. What's the difference between the two? And whats the difference from a VPN and a proxy?
  5. Initially its the same thing.
    Only difference is that a VPN allows you to change your IP for all traffic coming from you computer.
    A Proxy can be used/set for 1 program, so it won't affect other software running on your pc.
    More info at Proxies vs. VPN - What's the difference? -

    PS: When buying proxies, make sure they are SOCKS5 and that you purchase them from a private source.
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    Also, to answer your original question.
    I've created an AIO Guide on what you should do when you've received a ban.
    Banned ? Here's what you should do ! | Community | RuneMate

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