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  1. Hello, I am a total noob when it comes to Botting and IP Addresses,
    First of all, what IP does RuneMate run on? Does it run on my Home IP? Does it run on a specific IP?
    If it runs on a specific IP, can I use my Home IP and put it on the Proxy settings? Or do I have to buy a VPN and use that on RuneMate? Is it possible to run RuneMate on your Home IP?

    Another Question - The mouse kinda goes sort of fast, is it the script bot or do you need to configure it in the Settings? If it's the Settings, how can I configure that? If it's the script bot, how can I configure THAT? Is it even possible to have your mouse speed to not-fast?

    Thank you for using your time to read/answer this, it would really be helpful!
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    Post #2 by Microsoft, Oct 7, 2015
  3. RuneMate uses your own IP, but you can use SOCKS5 proxies if you want to.

    RuneMate learns from your gameplay, so play like an hour legit using the RuneMate client and it should be resolved.
    If not, you can lower the Mouse Multiplier in Options.
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  4. Wasn't are of that tidbit, useful knowledge my friend.
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  5. ty, I will take note of that :)

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